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This special word defines a very unique movement that is helping to transform the world’s approach to better health.
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Public Benefit Corporation


Alovéa’s mission is to provide the marketplace with the most scientifically advanced nutritional products and through their Buy 1, Nourish 2™ social giving platform, donate that same nutritional support to the world’s most vulnerable, medically fragile children, while richly rewarding those who choose to help champion their cause.


Founded 2012

Founders: Rev. SunJun Hong PhD & Kim Mi-jin

NCMN (Nation Changers Movement Network) developed schools of leadership, finance & ministry with over 150 million global contacts in 2019

Kim Mi-jin of Nation Changer Movement Network


MannaRelief was founded in 1999 in Dallas Texas by Sam & Linda Caster.

Founded 1999 – Dallas Texas

Founders: Sam & Linda Caster

Commenced operation to provide the world’s first stabilised Aloe Vera Acemannan product to the world’s most vulnerable children.

Since then, over 135 million servings of advanced immune support have been provided to children in over 90 countries.


We gave Acemannan to our most critically ill (HIV/AIDS) children in order to activate their fragile immune systems. They arrive at our hospitals at deaths’ door, but to the amazement of myself and my colleagues, these children were up and walking within two to three weeks. In all my years working with this virus, I have never seen anything like this. Acemannan is the most important natural discovery of all time.

Dr Ben Akenga

Medical Director of Several Hospitals, in Southwestern Kenya

Bringing Hope to Vulnerable Children around the world.



Feed the Children


Malnutrition – over 7 million children die from chronic and infectious disease linked to malnutrition, each year.

Sex Slavery

Operation Underground Railroad, rescues children from sex slavery and is instrumental in arresting the traffickers around the world.

Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease – a gene-mediated disorder. 75% of kids born with it die by the age of 5 -but those who live beyond that, live a horrendous life.


Children born with congenital gene-mediated diseases also have drastically compromised immune systems. Normal viral and bacteria infections can easily turn into life-threatening conditions.

The Acemannan powder we receive from MannaRelief has proven to be our best strategy for dealing with these health risks. We make Acemmanan available to every child in our program. It’s a life saver.

Dr Sergio Martinez

Medical Director, CRISMA (Latin America's largest rehab center for brain damaged & disabled children)

Bringing Hope to the medical profession around the world.


Immunotherapy Research

Immunotherapy Research

Dr Renee Hirte

“Our search for the most scientifically advanced technologies for optimal immune and endocannabinoid system support let us to Evolv Health (now known as Alovéa). Their unique immune-modulating Aloe Vera Acemmana technology represents the best science I’ve found for Immune system support, and when combined with highly bioavailable broad-spectrum hemp oil, it provides an unprecedented integrative health strategy. Our plan is to not only incorporate these products into our research but to also encourage our supporters to consume them as a key part of their own wellness initiatives.”

Dr Renee Hirte, Ph.D
Dream for the Cure Foundation

Sickle Cell Anemia

Dr David Ajabadi

“The #1 genetic killer of children in Africa is Sickle Cell Anemia. Children with Sickle Cell live in severe pain and 75% of them die by the age of 5. There is no effective treatment for sickle cell, so we have tried to support these children through a variety of nutritional and ‘immune boosting’ supplements with only marginal results.

Then we conducted a quality-of-life impact pilot on Sickle Cell children with MannaRelief’s new advanced Acemannan product and were shocked at the results. Over 80% of the children showed significant reductions in their most critical symptoms. The government of Nigeria has now approved a multi-center “quality-of-life” study to evaluate this new Acemannan’s impact on Sickle Cell children.”

Dr David Ajibade
Founder and Director
The Brain & Body Foundation


The large number of children born with HIV/AIDS has been one of our country’s biggest challenges. And while Acemannan is not a drug, nor intended for the treatment or cure of any disease, its ability to ‘turn on’ the immune systems of these children has provided them with an unprecedented quality of life improvement and new hope.

We have a moral responsibility to integrate Acemannan into every form of treatment we use.

General Jim Muhwezi

Minister of Health, Uganda

Bringing HOPE to You

Alovéa’s vision is to empower ALL people to enhance their own health, finances, lifestyle and purpose whilst making a difference in the world, today.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and looking for an integrated health solution


If you want to build a side business to give you future security


You want to spend your money on scientifically validated supplements


You want to be part of a dynamic global team


You want to help rid the world of childhood malnutrition


You want to bring hope to vulnerable children around the world

… OR

All of the above

As a Social Business Partner

As a Social Business Partner

You can change the world, one child at a time

And improve your own health and finances and those of who you love.  What’s stopping you?