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About Leanne Fresiello

My moto is to treat others as I would like to be treated and to always put myself in another person's shoes, because you never ever know the journey they have taken.

My vision and mission is to help connect people.


Leanne & Rocco Fresiello and Joan Turner

Leanne with her husband Rocco and her lifelong inspiration her Mum, Joan Turner.

Leanne Fresiello - the Body

Leanne Fresiello at 43 years of age and also at 61 years.

My Story

Well, my journey began back into my teen years when my stepbrother broke his back and became a paraplegic, and as a result, I broke out in chronic stress acne all over my upper body.

My mother with good intentions took me to a skin specialist and I was dosed up on a lot of quite strong medications, which now looking back – obviously affected my gut health and in turn, weakened my immune system.

Here is where my journey began as I looked at trying to gain my health back in my early 20s when I started doing body-building and playing squash at a state level and then went on to become a fitness instructor.

I did a lot of reading and hence found, amino acids, and here is where my research of supplements started.

I purchased several health books and magazines on all health and fitness and discovered good quality nutritional supplements were absolutely essential along, with a good healthy eating plan and exercise.

I also realised too, that technology was also always improving, so my journey to discover and consume good quality products lead me to health food shops – naturopaths and eventually discovered that the best quality products were distributed through the direct selling model.


Because they didn’t have to waste money on countless advertising, but could better spend their money on Research and Development.

I have used almost every good quality product that has been on the market over the last 40yrs.

I also believed that you need to give anything you use, at least 6months before you can make a good assessment as to if it is right for you, and I did that with every single product I ever used.

I can honestly say that I don’t take any medication .. would actually be lucky if I have 5 Panadol in a year !!!

I also believe that we get one body and we need to look after it as best we can.

What lead me to Alovéa


The truth is, that after 20 years of squash and many injuries, doing remedial massage for 15 years and then working as a PCA for 20 years and now in my 60s, I was beginning to show signs of arthritis in my body and I seemed to be picking up every sickness that was going around.

One night in prayer “I asked for help” and that came in the form of a call from a friend, and I knew in my heart, that this was the answer.

Well in November 2019 I started taking all the Alovéa products available to us in Australia and my improvement started after 2 days when I got out of bed and had no more discomfort in my knee, back and hands.

My dear mother had suddenly passed away in January 2016 and since then I suffered daily anxiety attacks and much to my surprise, they had completely stopped.

I know I felt amazing, however, I wanted the proof, so off to the Naturopath I went to get myself tested with her Hunter Machine that shows right into your cells.

The Naturopath told me that most people show 70 – 80 percent readings on average – mine was 99 – 100 percent with one reading of 90 percent.

She also told me that of everyone she has ever tested regardless of age – that I had shown the best results she had ever seen, plus she could not recommend anything else – YAH !!!

Well I had the proof and now my plan is to help many others gain their health back too and to pay it forward.

So my journey is just beginning to help make a difference in this world and after having the privilege of meeting the incredible visionary Sam Caster, my life has changed forever.

Do I spend a lot on my health??? … ABSOLUTELY!  Is it worth it ??? …. ABSOLUTELY!!

You be the judge if it’s worth it for you!!!

Leanne & Rocco Fresiello with Sam Caster

Leanne & Rocco Fresiello with Sam Caster, CEO of Alovéa.

Leanne Fresiello with Sam Caster

Leanne Fresiello with Sam Caster, CEO of Alovéa in Adelaide, South Australia – February 2020.

Chronic Disease

The management and treatment of chronic diseases account for 90% of its $3.2K TRILLION spend per year.

Healthcare Costs

 Healthcare costs are predicted to top $4.2 trillion by 2023 according to cdc.com

Superbugs & Viruses

Infectious diseases are predicted to kill more people than cancer by 2050.

Bringing Hope to Vulnerable Children Globally

Malnutrition – over 6 million children die from chronic and infectious disease linked to malnutrition, each year.

Sex slavery – Operation Underground Railroad, rescues children from sex slavery and is instrumental in arresting the traffickers around the world.

Sickle Cell Disease – a gene-mediated disorder. 75% of kids born with it die by the age of 5 -but those who live beyond that, live a horrendous life.

“Malnutrition, poor sanitation and pollution are the major causes of immunodeficiency – making children susceptible to every form of chronic and infectious disease.  Over 6 million children die every year from these preventable conditions.. “

– Sam Caster, CEO, Alovéa